The mission of JPL is to develop and realize high-technology products, as well as the permanent increase and maintenance of high satisfaction of its customers, offering them products with proven quality, conforming to the high global standards. JPL guarantees the observance of optimum delivery terms and uncompromising service and prophylaxis of the granted equipment.


Established in 1991 JPL Ltd has reputation of leader in its branch due to the optimal proportion between high quality of products, competence and good service on behalf of carefully selected and specially trained commercial and service professionals.


The success of JPL Ltd. is due to the high purposes, which we aim, the professional competence and the clear vision which we have for the future development of the company. We give significant importance to the achievement of maximum satisfaction for the customer.


Our corporate vision is to be among the certain leaders at the market by achieving excellent partnership by the customers and satisfaction of users.  We research for new opportunities, we build and develop perfect processes, systems and skills in the entity, with the purpose to be as close as possible to our customers and to offer more and more qualitative products and services.  


As socially responsible company JPL is initiator of many social programs, culture foundations and events.

The company JPL is engaged in environment preservation as a significant asset


We in JPL believe that the people are in the basis of our success.  And because our success depends on the skills, creativity, thinking and the decisive actions of our whole team, we permanently develop the company and give new opportunities for growth and elaboration of our employees.

We provide a well functioning environment and opportunity for each employee to reveal his/her potential in order to show the best and to achieve utmost results!


In the company JPL is introduced Code for implementation of open anti-corruption policy by the employees in the whole company at all positions and management levels. There are also provided reliable control practices.


  • To demonstrate and prove everyday innovation, quality and design, because these are the three components driving the entertainment business to development and prosperity.

  • Achievement to permanent development of existing techniques and technologies for production of gaming machines.

  • To be always close to our customers, to know well their needs and to maintain long-term partnership with them.

  • Systematic increase of the staff capacity at all levels.


  • Correctness
    We perform the undertaken commitments.

  • Professional competence and responsibility;
    We insist on being and we are experts in the field in which we operate.

  • Close to the customer
    We know that only when we are close to our customers we may offer the best product conformed to their needs.

  • Company based on people
    We know that the success is due to the people working for the company.  That is why we in JPL permanently invest in the human capital.