JPL Ltd. – Privacy Policy

    1. In what cases can JPL Ltd collect / process your personal data?
  • JPL Ltd. uses your data when, as a customer, we have to send you a receipt, to issue an invoice or some other document.
  • When you contact us / with our employees, through public information about us and / or through our contact information from our website or the Internet.
  • When you declare your interest to participate in a recruitment procedure by JPL Ltd. and / or send / submit your CV, cover letter, other, or become or you were our employee.
  • When you come within the scope of a video camera in the building where our offices and service are located in Sofia (5, Vitoshka Zornitsa Str.) Or near it.
  • When you provide us with your personal data yourself or give us permission to process it.

2. Why can JPL Ltd. handle your personal data?

JPL Ltd. may process your personal data for a variety of reasons depending on the relationship between us and on the basis of applicable legal bases under the privacy laws, such as: legitimate business goals of JPL Ltd., for the conclusion and / or fulfillment of a contract with you, compliance with legal obligations of JPL Ltd., as well as your free expression, specific, informed and unambiguous consent to the processing of your data. The cases in which we may use your personal information are as follows:

2.1. For legal business purposes of JPL Ltd.
A. Business Activity of JE PI EL EOOD

2.2. For the purpose of concluding or executing a contract
A. Lawful occurrence, implementation and termination of commercial, employment and civil relations;
B. Ensuring compliance with health and safety procedures.

2.3. In order to comply with legal obligations;
A. Execution of obligations of JPL Ltd. under the current labor, civil, tax, insurance and other legislation;
B. Ensuring the safety and security of its employees and property;
C. Prevention and / or investigation of incidents, violations and criminal offenses

2.4. With your consent;
A. To register on our site and using a contact form
B. To respond to your request for law enforcement and others.

  1. What kind of personal data is being processed by JPL Ltd.

Depending on the specific purpose, JPL Ltd. can process different data sets:

  • Your name, address, identification number (eg, for invoice or courier)
  • Contact details (address, phone, e-mail) – with correspondence, contract, other
  • Video images – when the video camera ranges
  • For our employees on labor / civil contracts;
  • Physical identity: name, passport, identification number, place of birth, address, telephone
  • Economic Identity: Amount of Remuneration, Banking Information, Use / Repayment of Credits, Costs, Remand, Other Liabilities
  • Social Identity: Education, Qualifications, Labor History, Professional Experience, Marital Status, Children
  • Health Identity: Current Health, General Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Dispensaries, Labor, Disability, Pregnancy and Births
  • Crime
  1. For what terms are your personal data stored / processed?

We keep personal information about deadlines that are tailored to the specific business purpose or purposes for which it was collected and / or for the time specified by the law. Criteria for setting deadlines that are not legally regulated depend on:

  • The purpose of data collection and the fulfillment of this goal.
  • The reason for data collection (for example, in the case of a consent, you can withdraw it at any time).

There are cases where, by virtue of applicable law for our activities or internal rules – the deadlines may be shorter or longer. For example:

  • Personal data in accounting documents – 10 years
  • Video Monitoring: video images are stored for 7 to 14 days, then deleted from DVR / NVR and from back-up.
  • The personal data of the “STAFF” Register are kept in different statutory terms defined by the law – from 3 to 50 years for different types of documents.
  1. How can you access your personal data we process, object to processing, request limitation of processing, or ask for data to be added, corrected, or deleted?

To request an access to your personal data we process, object to processing, request processing restriction, or request the completion, correction, or deletion of the data, please contact us via the contact form on our web site:, at e-mail address: or at our address: Sofia, 5, Vitoshka Zornitsa Str.

  1. Who can access your personal information?

Access to processed personal data is strictly governed by the internal rules of JPL Ltd. , depending on the purposes for which the processing is carried out. Such accesses may have:

  • The personal data subjects themselves – to their data
  • Authorized employees of JPL Ltd., based on the need to know principle, according to certain roles and duties
  • Personal data processing on behalf of JPL Ltd. or third parties – e.g. hosting a website, a payment services application, an email marketing application, another
  • Persons whose disclosure is prescribed in a statutory instrument (such as MoI authorities, court, Prosecutor’s Office, NSSI, NRA, etc.)
  • We do not sell and in no way provide personal data to anyone other than the above.
  1. How can you exercise the portability right of your personal data processed by us?

You have the legal right to receive personal data that concern you and which are processed by us in a structured, widely used and machine readable format, and you are entitled to transfer this data to another Administrator under statutory conditions. You can request this from us, and we will do so if technically possible.

  1. What security measures do we apply to protect personal data?

In full compliance with legal requirements for the protection of personal data, we apply strict organizational and technical security measures, including:

  • encrypting personal data
  • measures to ensure continued confidentiality, integrity, availability and sustainability of processing systems
  • measures to timely restore availability and access to personal data in the event of a physical or technical incident
  • regular testing and evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures in order to ensure the security of the processing

We also require a high level of security and reliability when selecting our operators and third parties.

  1. How can you file a complaint?

For Bulgaria, the Commission is responsible for the protection of personal data:
2 Tsvetan Lazarov, Bul., 1592 Sofia, Tel. +359 2 915 3580; Fax +359 2 915 3525;
e-mail: ; Website:

  1. How can you contact us on privacy issues?

e-mail address:  or at our address: Sofia, Vitoshka prenitsa Str., № 5.

  1. Who are we, and how can you find us?

 JPL Ltd., Unique identifier: 121810115
Address for correspondence: 1415 Sofia; 5 Vitoshka Zornitsa, Str.
Website:; e-mail:
Phone: +359 2 96 73322