The new Video Topper 19,5” or 24” is with modern and elegant design. It has high resolution and attractive LED illumination.

  • 19,5” or 24” LED monitor with high resolution;
  • The Video Topper displaying the jackpot and 3D videoclip as well;
  • Monitor adjustments are easily accessible;
  • Durable housing.


Stand – for Ashtray and drink. Optional – with glass or with wooden top.

The stand is a user-friendly accessory that can be placed between gaming machines. It is suitable for a separate cabinet as well as for a group of machines.

The design is made specifically following the vision of the United Dreams series JOPPY S24.


Wooden slot base with glass top for gaming machine.

The wooden slot base is ergonomic and universal, with a comfortable foot for the player’s feet. It is suitable for machines manufactured by JPL Ltd., as well as for machines manufactured by other companies.

The slot base is suitable for a single machine as well as for a group of machines


JPL Ltd. produce chairs for casinos which colud be branding as the client wish.

Manifactured from high quality leather the chairs are extremely convenient for maximal comfort for the player. Combining stylish design and endurance, JPL’s chairs are your best choice!