Gaming machine UNITED DREAMS MULTIGAME series of “JOPPY” is the result of detailed market research and product development. Slot machine is manufactured by JPL Ltd.

It is intended for use in casinos and gambling houses. It has proved to be very successful in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Ireland, Cyprus and Moldova.

The cabinet “S” UPRIGHT series of “JOPPY” boasts a remarkable stylish design and a set of ergonomic features for enhanced player comfort. It is made of high quality materials and holds all gaming machine’s peripherals and modules. United Dreams Multigame has two high resolution 24″ widescreen LED LCD monitors with  brilliant colours ; one is with integrated touch screen. The gaming machine is equipped with bill acceptor and ticket printer, coin acceptor and is operating with SAS 6.0.2. The software supports also touch screen model 3M-MicroTouch (option) with USB communication. BILL VALIDATOR accepts validates the bills and barcode coupons inserted by the player.

UNITED DREAMS MULTIGAME is a combination of 15 video slot games:

5-paylines video slot games are:

  • 5 Green Fire
  • 5 Red Fire
  • 5 Violet Fire

10-payline video slot games are:

  • Women’s Secretes
  • Rock & Roll,
  • 10 Purple Fire
  • 10 Brown Fire

15-payline video slot games are:

  • The Secret of Elves
  • Thracian Gold

20-payline video slot games are:

  • 20 Blue Fire
  • Glory of Egypt

25-payline video slot games are:

  • Jungle Dares

40-payline video slot games are:

  • 40 Blue Fire
  • 40 Yellow Fire
  • Arctic Land
Размери JOPPY S24 Upright


The games in UNITED DREAMS MULTIGAME are video slot games with 5 reels, 3 or 4 visible positions on each of reels. The games have definite maximum number of pay lines, different for different games.

The game gives the chance to win additional bonus wins or double the win up.

Other options:

  • Supports up to 8-level multidenominational;
  • Supports local Progressive Jackpot, global Progressive Jackpot by connecting with United Mystery Jackpot System and /or SAS Progressive;
  • Supports automatic game mode (auto play).

Except progressive jackpot, the program also supports up to 3 independent mystery jackpots (Mini, Middle and Super) with different settings.

Progressive jackpot that’s big enough to change your life. Just ask for

Height: 2458 mm (with topper and top lamp)
Height: 2351 mm (with topper, without top lamp)
Weight: 170 kg
Width: 659 mm
Depth: 600 mm

UD 1 OrangeUD-1 Orange-1047x800Arctic Land40 Yellow Fire40 Blue FireJungle DaresGlory of Egypt20 Blue FireThracian GoldThe Secrets of Elves10 Brown Fire10 Purple FireRockNRollWomans Secret5 Violet Fire5 Red FireBG FlagUnited Dreams-logo
100 Lucky Fire40 Yellow Fire40 Blue FireBrave SpartacusMagic GooseSpace EgyptJungle DaresCofee WishGlory of Egypt20 Blue Fire20 Happy Clover10 Purple Fire10 Brown Fire5 Red FireBG FlagUnited Dreams-logo